An AI that your service technicians can rely on

Every toolkit should include AI

How things used to be

Our customer is a major provider of mobile and fixed network services for private and business customers in Germany. The nationwide offer critically depends on the dense network of radio masts. Each day, these masts issue approximately 100 error messages due to hardware problems. Fixing these quickly is crucial to maintaining a high service quality. In 15 per cent of all incidents, the technician tasked with carrying out the repair orders the wrong spare part. As a result, they have to travel to the mast a second time. This strongly impacts the cost of and time spent on repairs.

Then AI came along

Together with the customer, the adesso experts developed an AI-based model to predict the defective hardware. On the basis of automatic classifications, the application predicts the fault and issues recommendations to the service technician regarding the right spare parts and tools.

The situation today

Technicians have a better insight into the fault situation at the radio mast before having even arrived there. The AI application helps them better prepare for on-site repairs. All the necessary information is integrated into the company’s ticket system.

"Based on historical data and machine-learning techniques, we developed a model that significantly improved the quality of the repair process. Our application supplements the error messages with information regarding the technical causes of the problem. These predictions make it easier for technicians to coordinate material planning."

Sven Langhoff, Team Lead Data Science
adesso SE

For which companies is the approach suitable?
Telecommunications, Machinery/Plant engineering, Energy sector, Public transport
For which decision makers is the approach interesting?
Backgrounds for the technically interested
Machine learning, Classification


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