An AI system that understands why your customers are writing to you

No request is lost, no sales opportunity remains unexploited

How things used to be

The contact form, a classic of customer communication, is a veritable cornucopia of information. This form is the first ‘port of call’ for many clients who want to contact their insurance company. Complaints, inquiries or contract and contact changes – all of them are recorded here. The pool of data holds both trivial information as well as potential sales opportunities.

Often, the messages are only loosely allocated to categories. Clerks check the contents and initiate further processing. This editing work takes up resources and carries a significant risk of error.

Then AI came along

Together with an insurance company, adesso developed an AI-based approach that automatically filters sales-relevant information from the content of contact forms. The basis for the development was provided by hundreds of historical records which were used to train the system on how to structure the requests. The project team defined which type of content might indicate a sales opportunity. The system prioritises these opportunities according to potential value and urgency and assigns them to existing offers. Finally, the system automatically forwards the contact forms to the appropriate departments.

The situation today

Today, the AI solution correctly allocates over 90 per cent of the input. This ensures faster and more reliable sales and communication processes. Feedback from clerks further improves the system performance.

"The evaluation of inquiries via contact forms highlights that AI applications have now reached a reliable level of performance when handling texts. The applications allow for automating processes where manual work has dominated so far due to the complexity of the processes involved."

Michael Bünnemeyer, Business Development Insurance
adesso SE

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Text classification by means of hierarchical support vector machines


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