You should do the best with AI. Not the very first thing.

Use AI technology profitably: Find the use cases that fit your business with the Interaction Room.

With the IR to the AI application

Whether customer service, production or accounting - artificial intelligence can play an important role in many task areas. This makes it all the more important to identify and develop the profitable AI use cases in the here and now. The use cases that fit your own processes, employees, customers and data.

With the Interaction Room (IR), you can address the two key challenges of AI projects: Select suitable use cases in your company in the IR with a broad-based project team. And establish well-functioning communication between all participants. You can find basic instructions on how to work in this workshop format, which roles should be distributed in the team and a practical example in our report "Interaction Room".

Use Cases

Are you looking for more AI inspiration? Then take a look at our use cases in the AI environment and learn about the diversity of AI technology.

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Do you have any questions about AI?

Are you wondering what possibilities AI can open up in your company? Would you like to learn more about its applications and the technology? We cannot give you a pack full of stock responses, but we can share with you our specialist knowledge, our curiosity about your company and our passion for technology.

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