Artificial Intelligence changes the perspective

Seeing processes differently – building systems differently

What is AI?

Get to know AI in the way it is needed for your work: detailed enough to recognise connections and potential. Concise enough not to get lost in the details.

Just talking about AI doesn’t help. It's about finding use cases – and then building the right systems. Our ‘building AI-based system’ approach is our answer to the unique nature of developing these systems.


AI gives you an advantage

More than 320 executives answered our questions about AI. The statement "Companies that invest in AI in the next five years have a competitive advantage" was fully or rather supported by 87 percent. The overwhelming majority is convinced of the importance of AI.

Private life

AI creates anticipation

1,000 end customers answered our questions about AI. 61 percent fully or rather agreed with the statement "AI will offer me many advantages in the future". Personally, the customers have a positive view at the possibilities of the possibilities opened up by AI applications. They find the topic exciting and are open to new offers and services.


AI determines projects

More than 320 executives answered our questions about AI. Almost half of them consider the use of AI technologies to be one of the most important projects of the next three years. No other topic of the survey came up with similarly high values in importance.

AI in your industry

There is no AI – and there are no requirements for AI. Banks and their clients have different goals to retailers. Insurance companies have different framework conditions to car manufacturers. Consider AI from the perspective of your industry.

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Ideas create systems

AI systems do not magically emerge by themselves. They are the result of flawlessly planned and implemented projects. The development of these applications requires a different project structure and a different expertise of the participants compared to conventional IT solutions. For software engineering there is a whole set of procedures, templates or blueprints. Participants in AI projects lack these established structures. Companies still lack experience in dealing with data-driven applications.

Behind the idea of the "Building AI-based System" lies a process model with phases, roles and responsibilities that does justice to the special features of AI applications.

What works with AI?

Abstract mind games will not help you see AI potential. But our use cases will. Take a look at what AI is already changing in the here and now: in football, in the car, in business – and before long, in your company.

Amateur football leagues look like the Champions League thanks to AI

An AI sharing your passion for football

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An AI system that knows how many people will call your customer service centre tomorrow – or even next month
Your customers have had enough of being placed on hold
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An AI that rises to the top during peak times
How to make customer service in insurance companies automatically better
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An AI solution that pools knowledge and interests
Thanks to AI, knowledge distributed throughout a company can now be found at the same location
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An AI that gives your product information structure and flair
A system that doesn’t need a lot of training to sell your products well
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An AI that gives customers case-closing advice
Insurance policy holders can be sure they’re getting the best advice
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An AI solution that reaches out to customers on their level
Customise your content, even for large-scale campaigns
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An AI solution that translates unstructured letters into structured information
Now you’ll be able to read between the lines
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An AI that automates your written correspondence
You only write personal letters to very special people. All of your customers, for example
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An AI that can read the room
Your customer service team can now evaluate your insurance policy holders more accurately and automatically
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An AI that can manage any number of customer requests
Reduce complexity while increasing customer satisfaction
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An AI that won’t be fooled by scammers
Anyone who bills incorrectly must reckon with AI
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An AI system that has a chat with you about your customers before each customer meeting
Sound preparation is essential for success – and now it only takes one third of the time
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An AI that your service technicians can rely on
Every toolkit should include AI
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An AI system that understands why your customers are writing to you
No request is lost, no sales opportunity remains unexploited
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An AI that gives you health tips
How about some sports again?
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An AI that analyses the news
Insurance companies are automatically kept up to date
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A system that makes retail a personal and immersive experience for all the senses
Shopping is becoming a sensory experience
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An AI that is as reliable as the power supply
Nine out of ten customer requests are handled by Chatbot "Sophie"
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AI Report

AI Report: A stocktaking between possibilities, measures and distrust

More than 320 executives and 1,000 end customers gave us an insight into their ideas, prejudices and plans around AI. The AI report "An Assessment" summarises the central results.

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AI Process Model

The AI Process Model: Building AI-based Systems

Developing data-driven AI applications requires a different project structure and expertise than traditional IT solutions. Our "Building AI-based System" fulfill these differences. Coming soon ...

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