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From comprehensive market studies to the use of chatbots. From building data-driven applications to deployment scenarios - our reports cover a wide range of topics. What they all have in common is that they give you a practical and understandable insight into the possibilities that AI technologies open up for companies.

Chatbots: AI in customer service

More requests, more topics, more complexity: If these keywords describe the situation in your customer service, chatbots are the right answer.

Be inspired by our report "Chatbots in customer service" and find out how you can use chatbots in your company.


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AI Report

AI Report: A stocktaking between possibilities, measures and distrust

More than 300 executives and 1,000 end customers gave us an insight into their ideas, prejudices and plans around AI. The AI report "An Assessment" summarises the central results. Coming soon ...

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AI Process Model

The AI Process Model: Building AI-based Systems

Developing data-driven AI applications requires a different project structure and expertise than traditional IT solutions. Our "Building AI-based System" fulfill these differences. Coming soon ...

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