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From automated product information to mixed reality, from small retailers to international wholesalers - AI is changing processes across the entire retail sector. Our goal is to give you a feel for the variety of possibilities that AI applications open up.

A system that makes retail multi-sensory, personalised and immersive

Shopping becomes a meaningful experience

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An AI that brings more zing to your product information
A system that explains your products automatically and well
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An AI that searches for prospects for you
Searching was yesterday: from today, Leads will find you
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An AI that automates your written correspondence
Write your customers something Personal again
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An AI that addresses every customer as if they were a friend
Individuality also works on a large scale
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Are you wondering what possibilities AI can open up in your company? Would you like to learn more about its applications and the technology? We cannot give you a pack full of stock responses, but we can share with you our specialist knowledge, our curiosity about your company and our passion for technology.

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AI Process Model

The AI Process Model: Building AI-based Systems

Developing data-driven AI applications requires a different project structure and expertise than traditional IT solutions. Our "Building AI-based System" fulfill these differences. Coming soon ...

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