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Machines - built from bits and atoms

Industrial companies move quite naturally in the world of production. Engineers create new machines and tools, optimize production and improve offerings step by step. This thinking shapes companies, it determines their processes and ways of working.

AI-based processes and applications have the potential to influence this entire value chain, from the initial product idea to maintenance. The conditions for the use of AI solutions are good in the manufacturing sector. Data is available or can be made available. What is still lacking is experience in dealing with AI applications.

Report "AI in the Industry"

Reliable figures on the state of play around AI in industry. Real use cases. This report summarises the most important AI facts for you. At the heart of the report are a series of AI use cases for industrial companies: from research and development to customer service. From evaluating old documents to cleaning up master data. Let the examples inspire you.

The report "AI in industry" also includes an excerpt from our comprehensive AI study: What role does AI play in the plans of industrial companies? How well does the industry see itself positioned? You will find the answers to these and other questions in this report.


IoT with com2m

Under the motto "Data. Economical. Benefit." com2m GmbH from the adesso Group creates efficient IoT solutions. Individual architectures and solution concepts depending on the specific needs are an integral part of this in order to develop holistic services for networked products and digital production with foresight.

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The book on technology

Over 40 experts summarize the current state of AI use in companies: from strategic alignment to structuring projects, from finding AI use cases to addressing customers. More about the book and a detailed reading sample - the chapter "AI in Manufacturing" can be found here.

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AI Process Model

The AI Process Model: Building AI-based Systems

Developing data-driven AI applications requires a different project structure and expertise than traditional IT solutions. Our "Building AI-based System" fulfill these differences. Coming soon ...

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