Artificial Intelligence is the drive behind mobility

Data on customers, vehicles and production processes is the key to the business models of tomorrow. AI enables them to become the business models of today.

Our expertise: AI and Automotive

AI is bringing momentum to mobility

Short update cycles, digital services, individual services – customer requirements have changed across every industry. Decision-makers are scrutinising communication and production processes that have been established for decades. AI applications help companies in the automotive industry to develop new services and ways to address the customer, be it in production, service, sales or marketing, as the data created in these areas forms the basis for new, digital business processes. Examples of use cases for AI solutions in the automotive industry include chatbots in customer service, voice-assisted interaction between driver and car or tailored communication throughout the entire customer journey.

Use Cases

These use cases demonstrate how artificial intelligence has already become a reality for many companies in the automotive industry. Our experts support you in finding the right approaches for your tasks.

How AI revolutionises the relation to the car

Artificial Intelligence meets character

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An AI that automates your written correspondence
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A workshop that discovers the AI potential in your processes
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An AI that can manage any number of customer requests
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An AI that knows how many people will call you next week
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An AI solution that pools knowledge and interests
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An AI solution that reaches out to customers on their level
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An AI that seeks out new potential customers
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An AI solution that pools knowledge and interests

The Study

Plans and projects - Propositions and prejudices: The AI report "An Assessment" summarises the key results of our survey with over 320 executives and 1,000 end customers.


AI gives you an advantage

More than 320 executives answered our questions about AI. The statement "Companies that invest in AI in the next five years have a competitive advantage" was fully or rather supported by 87 percent. The overwhelming majority is convinced of the importance of AI.

Private life

AI creates anticipation

1,000 end customers answered our questions about AI. 61 percent fully or rather agreed with the statement "AI will offer me many advantages in the future". Personally, the customers have a positive view at the possibilities of the possibilities opened up by AI applications. They find the topic exciting and are open to new offers and services.


AI determines projects

More than 320 executives answered our questions about AI. Almost half of them consider the use of AI technologies to be one of the most important projects of the next three years. No other topic of the survey came up with similarly high values in importance.

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AI Process Model

The AI Process Model: Building AI-based Systems

Developing data-driven AI applications requires a different project structure and expertise than traditional IT solutions. Our "Building AI-based System" fulfill these differences. Coming soon ...

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