The status of AI in D-A-CH

Plans - Forecasts - Projects: Almost 1,000 executives and 1,000 consumers gave us an insight into their ideas, prejudices and plans around AI.

Nearly 2,000 respondents

Our study "AI - a stocktaking" gives you different perspectives on the topic of Artificial Intelligence: On the one hand, the perspective of decision-makers in companies - the people who, with their decisions and projects, create new work processes, forms of communication and business models from new technology.

On the other hand, the perspective of customers. The people who, as consumers, benefit from the effects of AI-supported offers and services or - depending on their attitude - are affected.

The facts of our study will help you to develop a better feeling for topics and trends, for attitudes and expectations.


No good feeling

Almost 1,000 decision-makers answered our questions about AI. In response to the question "How well is your company positioned compared to the competition when it comes to AI?", 52 percent answered "average" or worse. Half of the respondents are not convinced of their own AI capabilities.


No fear

1,000 consumers answered our questions about AI. The statement "The topic of AI doesn't scare me" was fully or somewhat agreed with by 75 percent of the respondents. The overwhelming majority look at AI without much concern. They are rather convinced of the benefits of the technology.


No end in sight

Almost 1,000 decision-makers answered our questions about AI. The statement "The use of AI is in its infancy today" was fully or somewhat agreed with by 75 percent of the respondents. The topic will continue to accompany decision-makers for the foreseeable future.

"Take this report as an impetus for discussion. About your perspective on AI. And how we can support you - with our experience, our understanding of technology and our industry knowledge. I look forward to the human-to-human conversation - without AI in between."
Prof. Dr. Volker Gruhn, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
adesso SE


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