Our major study on Artificial Intelligence 2020

More than 320 executives and 1,000 end customers gave us an insight into their ideas, prejudices and plans around AI.

Executives & Customers

"AI - a stocktaking" provides you with different perspectives on the topic: On the one hand the perspective of decision makers in companies. Those people who, with their decisions and projects, create new work processes, forms of communication and business models from new technology.

On the other hand, the perspective of the customers. The people who, as consumers, profit from the effects of AI-based offers and services or - depending on their attitude - are affected.

These facts help them to develop a better feeling for topics and trends, for attitudes and expectations.

Take a look at central results (in German only)

Chatbots & Cloud

Two topics were given special attention in our survey.


Chatbots are one of the first concrete application scenarios for AI for many companies. The dialogue-based systems are often used in external service processes - and they also perform well here. The vast majority of customers can imagine communicating with a chatbot. A quite surprising result: Those who already have chatbot experience rate the dialogue quite positively - 59 percent with "good" or better.


The technology behind the technology: Cloud offerings also play this role in the AI environment. And this is now the case for a considerable number of respondents. Almost exactly half of the companies that already have experience with AI applications rely on cloud solutions. On the one hand, to obtain preconfigured AI applications. On the other hand, to benefit from infrastructure advantages.

You can read more details in our report "AI - a stocktaking".


Chatbots in customer service

You are looking for ideas how to use chatbots in your company? Then get inspired by our report "Chatbot in customer service".



Do you have any questions about AI?

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